Time management software

See why Yaware time management software is great for your business

Being precise means being profitable

Yaware time management software automatically collects data on productivity. No manual data entry is required so it’s really great in saving time and reducing costs. You can now analyze accurate information on attendance and daily activities of your team and instantly decide how to boost productivity and achieve more.

Better concentration and less stress

Help your team keep focused on work throughout the day and accomplish each task on time. Yaware time management software will show where time goes and how you can help your team achieve more. Yaware.TimeTracker will also show what activities consume most of the day and how productivity may be dramatically increased if everything with a proper working schedule.

Schedule work activities more efficiently

Ask your team for feedback on how they plan their working day. Take offline activities – meetings, conferences, breaks into account. Yaware.TimeTracker will show you whether your team are overloaded, have too many meetings or simply need more resources. Help your team be more productive and achieve more.

Proactive management works best

Keep updated on how your team are performing their daily activities. Help them organize their schedule better by giving them advice on effective distribution of work time based on the data collected by Yaware.TimeTracker. This way you can prevent burnouts, overloads and excess stress. Analyze figures on total worked hours and overtime and change the schedules and daily plans to help your team remain healthy and productive.

Categorize work time in an instant

Yaware.TimeTracker recognizes 15,000 resources your team might use. You can now know precisely what keeps your team busy and categorises those resources according to their productivity status and the job responsibilities of each employee.

All apps and websites are grouped in 3 categories:

  • Productive
  • Unproductive
  • Neutral
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Flexible settings

Specify the most suitable settings for each employee or department at large. Settings can be easily adjusted to each employees work schedule and activities as well as changed anytime.

Screenshots and snapshots

Take screenshots and snapshots of your teams computers at specified intervals. Perfect for remote offices and contractors. Know exactly what someone is working on and when.

Delegating control to group managers

Yaware.TimeTracker preserves your company's organizational structure. You can group staff by departments and let your managers improve their teams performance by giving them access to individual statistics.


How can your company become more transparent?

Foster trust and transparency in your organization by giving your team access to their personal statistics. This way you let them see the whole process of monitoring is fair and objective.

Motivate your team by allowing them see the results of their daily work recorded by YawareTimeTracker. Give them greater independence in organizing and prioritizing and at the same time, directing where their overall work time should go.

Time management software

Analyze reports quickly and effortlessly

Once the data on productivity is collected, Yaware.TimeTracker organizes it into visual graphs and diagrams. Designed to save you time they take no more than 10 minutes to interpret, reports can be viewed either on each specific employee or on each department.

Email and cell phone notifications

Keep updated on how your team are copying regardless of your location. Reports – daily, weekly, monthly – can be either emailed to you or you can check them out via your mobile (on both iOS and Android) as well as view them in your online account anytime.