Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Check out how Yaware.TimeTracker helps you keep your business safe from productivity loss

Time tracking in the cloud

Tired of piles of paperwork on attendance reporting? Processing timesheets takes too much time and efforts and results in inaccurate data entry? Yaware.TimeTracker is exactly what you need to change this. From now on all data on your team’s time and attendance goes to the cloud so both you and your team can access the stats from anywhere and at anytime.

Automatically measure time and attendance

Tracking time and attendance automatically is exactly what you need to spark your business productivity. Yaware.TimeTracker not only automatically tracks time and attendance but also Internet and software use, overtime and flexitime.  You can eliminate timesheets once and for all and save your team plenty of time and sanity while getting precise stats on their performance automatically. .

Productivity reports on any OS

You want to use your time and attendance tracking software on any OS? No problem at all – Yaware.TimeTracker is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Now you can accurately measure your team’s time and productivity regardless of the devices they’re using. Check out productivity analytics on your favorite laptop, tablet or mobile.

Manage overtime and flexitime easily

Your staff works on different schedules? And you want to measure their progress regardless of when they come and leave? No worries, Yaware.TimeTracker automatically measures overtime and flexitime. Now you can also figure out your team’s core working hours and adjust schedules accordingly so everyone stays happy and productive.

Maximize productivity of your business

Time and attendance tracking software from Yaware makes your time work for you. You will now know perfectly well:

  • where your overall time goes;
  • which are your most and least productive activities;
  • what holds you back from growing and how you can improve.

Cut costs, manage your time smartly, eliminate distractions, increase the ratio of productive time with just a single time and attendance tracking software – Yaware.TimeTracker.

time and attendance tracking software

Settings for you and your team

Clear interface and customizable settings help you immediately receive the fresh stats on your team’s performance. Only a few minutes, and you’re done – it’s just that simple.

Want some visuals? Here’re they are

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically takes screenshots and webcam snapshots. Now you can easily evaluate performance of your remote team and have great real-time data on their progress.

A time and attendance tracking software which sparks high productivity

Is your team on a tough spot with getting things done? it’s high time to start making their time productive. Improve attendance, optimize schedules, balance workload, figure out the best work-rest ratio – Yaware.TimeTracker will help.

Make a difference to the way you run your business

With Yaware.TimeTracker you can speed up performance and make your time productive. This time and attendance tracking software not only tracks the time but also categorizes all apps and sites your team uses in 3 groups:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral
time and attendance tracking software2

Effective meetings? Yes, it’s possible

How long do spend on meetings? Are they really effective and result in brilliant ideas or just end up in empty discussions? You can change your approach to meetings once and for all. Measure your offline activities too – Yaware.TimeTracker tracks them accurately.

Insightful reports and friendly reminders

10 mins – that’s all you need to check out the reports Yaware.TimeTracker makes for you. They are clear, inclusive and automatically updating every hour. Set the daily/weekly/monthly notifications via email or mobile at anytime.