Productivity Tracker

Find out how Yaware.TimeTracker impacts overall productivity within your company

Runs in the Background

Yaware.TimeTracker captures time and productivity automatically, right after the moment employee turns on the computer. The software does not require human interaction and so, does not distract the employee.

Gives Detailed Reports

After the data is collected, the productivity tracker generates the reports that give a full value overview of employees time and productivity status. You can check the performance of a specific employee, the whole department or compare the productivity of departments.

Helps to Assess the Productivity of Remote Teams

You can use Yaware.TimeTracker to track time and productivity of your remote teams. This way you ensure the high quality of their work and give them a tool, that helps to manage time better and increase personal productivity

Increases Productivity

A productivity tracker is a powerful tool that enables both employees and their managers increase productivity. On one side employees decide how they can increase personal productivity, which gives them freedom. And managers can decide what the company could do to enhance overall performance.

Automatic App and Website Categorization

Using a centralized system that collects the data and generates it into reports is a great way to optimize the work of your HR department.

  • productive (related to work);
  • unproductive (distracting);
  • neutral (used rarely or less related to work duties).

The database of a productivity tracker contains more than 15k applications and websites. You can add new resources and create new groups, or edit the existing ones.

productivity tracker

Learn Productivity Patterns of Your Company

Do you know when your employees are most and least productive? You need this knowledge to either take actions to eliminate the jumps in productivity or adjust the working schedule of employee/department, according to their prime time.

Create Individual Settings

With Yaware.TimeTracker you can assess the productivity of employees in the most accurate way. Create individual settings for a specific employee or the whole department. E.g. you can make websites with stock photos productive for designers or marketing, but unproductive for web developers.

Track Time that Employees Spend Away from the Computer

Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to analyze how employees spend their time when they are not at the computer.

The productivity tracker will automatically start tracking an offline activity after a certain time of computer’s inactivity.

When the employee is back at the workplace, the tracker will require him/her to comment the activity. I.e. mention if the time spent away was a meeting, break, phone call. You can make this option mandatory or optional.

productivity tracker-2

Overview of Offline Activities

Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to analyze the structure of employees’ offline activities. For example the report “By Employee” contains a pie chart that depicts the structure of employees offline time in per cents. The productivity tracker also summarizes the time spent away and generates into a rating.

Analyze Visual Data

Also Yaware.TimeTracker takes screenshots of employees’ desktops. This feature is great for making sure that both remote and office employees stay productive.