Online Time Tracking Software

See how online time tracking software can benefit your business

Track Time Automatically

Get an accurate picture of employees’ working time with automatic time tracking. Yaware.TimeTracker starts capturing time since the moment employee turns on the computer and till the end of his/her working day. So, there’s no need to push the start and stop button.

Stay Updated About the Work of Remote Teams

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web based solution. This means that you can track the time of employees that are not in the same building or even country. Measure and increase the productivity of remote teams effortlessly.

Try the Benefits of Cloud-based Data Storage

Manual ways of tracking time are outdated. Yaware.TimeTracker keeps all the data in the cloud, i.e. on remote servers. The work of application does not affect the performance of your computer, and you can assess the reports from any place in the world.

Analyze Live Data

Yaware.TimeTracker updates the information about employees’ work every hour. You can also check what employees are occupied with at a specific moment by checking the report “By real-time activities”.

Measure Employee Productivity Using Online Time Tracking Software

Use Yaware.TimeTracker to measure and increase employee productivity. The system automatically captures applications and websites that employees use during the day, as well as the duration of use. Moreover the software divides them into three categories:

  • productive;
  • unproductive;
  • neutral.
Online time tracking software

Create specific settings

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to receive the most accurate data about the work of employees. You can assign a different time of the beginning and the end of the working day, productivity statuses of apps depending on employee’s position and responsibilities.

Let Employees Eliminate the Time-Eaters by Themselves

With Yaware.TimeTracker employees can increase their workplace productivity by checking personal reports. Each employee gets a list of used apps, their productivity status, and the duration of use. So, it’s easy to determine and eliminate time-eaters.

Benefit the Insightful Visuals

All the reports that Yaware.TimeTracker generates are represented in a simple visual form.
In addition, you can enable screenshots and webcam shots to monitor the productivity of remote employees and freelancers.

online time tracking software

Analyze the Time that Employees Spend Offline

Find out if meetings in your company take too long. Yaware.TimeTracker tracks the time that employees spend away from the computer, so you can easily see how many times a week and how long the meetings take.

Check the Reports from any Device

Yaware online time tracking software is available for Android and iOS, so you can check the reports on the go and always be up to date about employees’ time and productivity.