Online Time Tracker

Check out the benefits of using and online time tracker for you and your employees

Save money on implementing time tracking

Time tracking should save you time and money, and not consume them. Implementing an online time tracker you can start recording the data about employees’ work at the computer in about 30 minutes while a locally hosted time tracker would take you a couple of days before you could start using it.

Track time of remote employees

Yaware.TimeTracker is perfect for working with remote employees. It gives you all necessary data to stay accounted for their time, assess and increase their productivity. And except for that, using Yaware.TimeTracker, your remote employees, get a tool that allows to manage their time better and be more productive.

Use accurate data only to make business decisions

Business decisions don’t allow uncertainties. To increase the productivity of your employees and so, your business, you have to own accurate data. Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time recording system, so you get accurate information about the working time of your employees and can take balanced decisions regarding work schedules, workload, etc.

Evaluate the productivity of employees’ working time

Yaware.TimeTracker automatically evaluates the productivity of employees’ work at the computer. Using this data, you can see what pushes employees off balance, what makes them lose time, so you can rearrange the workflow and make it more efficient.

Keep your time and attendance in the cloud using an online time tracker

Old methods of tracking time and attendance are great if you allow mistakes and time theft in your company.

An online time tracking system like Yaware is much easier to use, faster to implement and collects accurate data only.

All employees are even, the time tracking process is honest and transparent. You also get accurate data for payroll and reports for your clients.

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you streamline time and attendance in your company, reduce mistakes and ease up the work for HR’s and accountants.

onlie time tracker

Get visuals to help you with analyzing

Yaware.TimeTracker allows to make screenshots and webcam snapshots. This feature is useful both for monitoring in-house and freelance employees. Thus, use webcam snapshots to ensure the safety of the workplace in your office, and screenshots to ensure the productivity of remote employees.

Settings that are made for you

We understand that it is impossible to apply the same set of settings for the whole company, so we made Yaware.TimeTracker highly customizable. You can set different schedules, different monitoring options, customize the productivity of apps for different departments and many other.

The easiest shortcut for high productivity

Except for just tracking time Yaware.TimeTracker also evaluates the productivity of employees’ work at the computer.
The software analyzes Internet and software use throughout the day and builds reports on employees’ working time, dividing the resources into:

  • productive (work-related)
  • unproductive (distracting)
  • neutral (less work-related or categorised)

You get to see how much time each employee spends productively and unproductively.

Using such information you can see what their biggest time eaters are, eliminate distractions, assess and rearrange the workload – all of this with the help of a single app.

online time tracker

Track both online and offline time

Except for tracking the time that employees spend working at the computer, Yaware.TimeTracker also records the time that employees spend away. You can see how often employees take breaks, how many meetings you have in your company, etc. In general, you get a full picture of the working and can make only right changes to the schedule.

Have all the reports at your fingertips

Yaware.TimeTracker is web-based, so you can log into your account and go through the reports wherever you are. You can also download an application for your smarthone and check the information on-the-go.