Online Employee Time Tracking

Check out how Yaware.TimeTracker can simplify measuring time

No timers – complete automation instead

Inclusive, real-time data on employees’ performance is right in front of you with no need to set timers and remember about pushing start and stop buttons. No paper forms and timesheets – put that aside and view the data Yaware.TimeTracker collects for you automatically in a single online account.

Reduce costs

Save time on manual checks, eliminate paperwork, let HR staff develop new effective programs to increase employee satisfaction instead of manually filling in endless forms, speed up internal processes across entire organization – all this with the help of a single software and completely automatically.

Measure flextime

Check if employment schemes in your company are effective. Yaware.TimeTracker precisely measures productivity of flextime employees – not only time but attendance, Internet and software use, overtime and much more. Adapt flextime programs to organizational needs, make payroll calculations quick and clear and retain the best staff on the team.

Manage remote staff and freelancers

With online employee time tracking managing remote offices and freelancers is easier than ever. Install Yaware.TimeTracker on their computers (which won’t take more than 20 mins), choose appropriate settings and view the data in already 15 mins after installation. And don’t forget to share the data with your remote staff themselves to make the whole process transparent.

Make your work time meaningful

Simply tracking time is not enough: you want to really understand where it goes and if it’s productive. By creating categories of time Yaware.Time Tracker not only collects the necessary data but also nicely visualizes it for easier interpretation:

  • productive time (highlighted green in reports)
  • unproductive time (highlighted red)
  • neutral time (highlighted grey)
Online Employee Time Tracking 2

Customize settings

Employment schemes and job responsibilities vary across departments. Yaware.Time Tracker takes this into account and so you can adjust settings to whichever special needs your company might have. Work schedules, attendance, software use and much more – all of this subject to change to make online employee time tracking even more effective.

A bit of visuals for a change

Measuring employee productivity is not complete if it lacks some visual aid. Yaware.TimeTracker takes screenshots and webcam snapshots to show you how the workplace looks like at any moment of the day and how the work on a project is progressing.

Online employee time tracking measures team dynamics quickly and accurately

Measuring team dynamics could cause much trouble for any business. With Yaware.TimeTracker it becomes easier than ever – automatically summarized reports on productivity trends and patterns are available in your online dashboard anytime.

Improve performance and enhance involvement

Make team’s productivity higher by analyzing personal performance and team’s overall results. Make sure everyone’s in the right place doing the job they like best.

Yaware.TimeTracker will automatically measure time spent on all activities and identify productivity highpoints and lowpoints of everyone on the team. It also supports organizational structure of your company: you can group staff by departments and share the data with each team member to reach even greater involvement.

Online Employee Time Tracking

Optimize online and offline activities

Make sure meetings result in productive solutions which are worth the time spent on holding them. Balance work and breaks. Online employee time tracking will show how much time each offline activity takes and so you can quickly optimize the schedules.

Reports available from everywhere

View fresh, comprehensible reports on any computer, tablet or mobile phone compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android in no more than 10 minutes.