Measuring employee productivity

Find out why measuring employee productivity simple and fast

Track Employee Time and Productivity Automatically

Yaware.TimeTracker works in the background. It begins and finishes its work along with employees and captures time silently without any human interaction. This way you receive the most accurate data about employee’s performance, and staffers don’t have to distract themselves to push the start and stop button.

Assess the Productivity of Remote Teams

Yaware.TimeTracker makes it possible to assess the efficiency of those who are thousand miles away from you. Simply send them a link to a tracker via email and Stay up to date about the progress of your remote team. Make timely corrections to help them stay productive.

Measure and Increase Productivity on any OS

No matter if you are a Windows, Mac or Linux fan you can still measure and increase employee productivity. Moreover, you can assess the efficiency of employees works from your smartphone, using the app for your iOS or Android device.

Consider Offline Time to Evaluate Employee Efficiency

The time that employees spend away from also matters when measuring employee productivity. Find out how much time staffers spend on meetings, phone calls and how it affects their productivity.

Use Accurate Data when Measuring Employee Productivity

Few things could be better for business than accurate data that allows to measure employee productivity and make right decisions for increasing it.
Yaware.Time Tracker generates the collected information about work time and productivity into clear visual reports, like:

  • By Time (shows the ratio of productive, unproductive and neutral time by employee/department);
  • Activities Summary (applications that are used the most grouped according to their productivity status);
  • Ratings of employees (show the rating of employees according to the time spent productively, unproductively or neutrally).

Analyze Software and Internet Utilization

Find out how much time each application and website consumes, along with its productivity status. Does it help or distracts from daily plans? See what exactly interferes with productivity to quickly eliminate time eaters and use each tool smartly.

Adjust the Settings as You Need

Yaware.TimeTracker allows to create individual settings, so you can measure employee productivity in the most accurate way possible. You can make the productivity status of an application or a website distinct for employees with different positions.

Check the Dynamic of Company’s Time

Yaware.TimeTracker collects the information about productive, unproductive and neutral working time of employees and forms it into dynamics.

With its help, you can track the productivity patterns of a specific employee/department or a whole company. You can also compare the dynamic of specific employees or departments.

Track how Decisions that You Make Influence Productivity

Do you want to know how the decisions that you make influence the productivity of your company? Simply take a look at the dynamic of employees’ time and you will know if you made the right decision or not.

Encourage Employees to Measure their Productivity Too

When there is a possibility for employees to increase their efficiency, why not encourage it? Yaware.TimeTracker provides personal reports with all necessary data: total worked time, a list of used apps and their productivity status.