How to increase employee productivity

Check how Yaware.TimeTracker brilliantly fosters performance of your staff

Track productivity automatically

Would you like to make measuring productivity as easy as a breeze? And speed up all important business processes across your company? Measure employees’ time and productivity automatically with Yaware.TimeTracker to instantly improve performance and help them make the most of their jobs.

Eliminate web distractions

Analyze which resources take most of employees’ time. Are they productive? Do they help them proceed with the daily tasks faster? Or are they just eating away the best working hours? Yaware.TimeTracker will collect all data you’d like to know as well as make simple and inclusive reports so you can boost your team’s performance.

100% focus on work is easy

Do you know that it takes around 20 mins to fully get back to the task once it was interrupted? Make sure your employees stay happy and productive day to day and feel inspired by all the great work they manage to complete in time. See where the time goes and which activities might be organized better so your team can repeatedly achieve more in less time.

Manage remote staff better

Guide your remote staff and freelancers towards greater results by helping them manage their time in ways best for their productivity. Help them achieve more with less energy drain and encourage timely performance. Share the data with remote staff to make work interactions even more transparent and mutually beneficial.

How to increase employee productivity with a single app?

Boost performance, increase productive time, enhance focus, plan and schedule better – Yaware.TimeTracker will help fill in productivity gaps instantly. It also smartly categorizes your time in 3 groups so you can grow and improve faster:

  • productive time (marked green in reports)
  • unproductive time (marked red)
  • neutral time (marked grey)

Benefits for each employee

Customize settings to make the most of the data Yaware.TimeTracker collects for you. Specify productivity of different web resources according to employees’ job responsibilities. This way you’ll have a great feedback on the real patterns of performance.

Social media, emails

Choose settings that best suit the needs of your business. Yaware.TimeTracker provides flexible options for measuring productivity of staff with different employment schemes and job responsibilities. This way stats provide objective data on everyone’s performance.

Yaware.TimeTracker takes care of employees’ productivity

See how to increase employee productivity regardless of their location and job position – Yaware.TimeTracker will provide you with neat and nice reports on not only Internet and software use but also on time and attendance, overtime, flextime and much more.

Inclusive, fact-based stats help you to:

  • Eliminate the most time-consuming distractions;
  • Help staff maintain productivity throughout the day;
  • Prevent overloads and stress;
  • Help everyone meet the deadlines in an accurate and timely manner.
how to increase employee productivity

Insightful real-time visuals

Assess the work of freelancers and remote staff and see how the work on a project is progressing by simply viewing screenshots and webcam snapshots Yaware.TimeTracker takes specifically for you.

Just a few minutes on reports

Updated reports with great stats on how to increase employee productivity are available to you anytime – on any computer, tablet or mobile compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.