Employee Time and Attendance Software

Check out how Yaware.TimeTracker makes a positive difference to the way your team works

Measure time and productivity in the cloud

Are you in a tough spot with enhancing your team’s productivity? With the right tools it’s much easier than you think. Employee time and attendance software from Yaware is the right choice just for your team. It automatically tracks time and productivity – no more paper timesheets which cause your employees extra work and add frustration.

Get a deep insight into productivity patterns

Simplify the work for your team. Find out what holds them from working smarter and why. Yaware.TimeTracker automatically tracks time and attendance, Internet and software use, overtime and flexitime. Your employees don’t even have to press start and stop – the software tracks everything automatically.

Manage schedules effectively

Your staff is working on different schedules and you need to precisely measure their productivity? No worries – with Yaware.TimeTracker you get precise data on everyone’s performance regardless of their schedules. Now you can easily figure out the core working hours of your employees and adjust schedules in the best way.

Eliminate overtime

Help your team stay happy and productive at work. Balance workload, eliminate overtime, optimize schedules, figure out realistic deadlines – the stats Yaware.TimeTracker collects will help. You can now quickly discover the most effective ways to foster higher employee performance.

Employee time and attendance software streamlines work for your team

How can your team effectively leverage work every day? With Yaware.TimeTracker it’s easy to add more hours to the day. Now all important data on your team’s performance you ever needed are neatly collected in a single place. Check out:

  • where the time goes and what keeps your team busy throughout the day;
  • if Internet and software use is productive;
  • which activities should be eliminated.

The feedback Yaware.TimeTracker provides makes it easy to manage time smarter and repeatedly achieve more. Check out the stats on any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

employee time and attendance software

Flexible settings just for your team

Employee time and attendance with Yaware makes it easy to measure performance of any team, regardless of how diverse its needs are. Easily customize the settings of Yaware.TimeTracker to get the most objective stats.

Only stats? No, visuals too

Employing a remote team, contractors or freelancers? You can easily measure their performance and help them stay part of the team. Yaware.TimeTracker automatically takes screenshots and webcam snapshots so you can see their progress.

The easiest shortcut for high productivity

If there’s one thing that undermines productivity, it’s not having enough hours in a day. Are the tools your team uses speeding up their performance or just taking away productive time? Should certain tasks be automated? What are the obstacles to smarter work? Find it out with employee time and attendance software.


Precise feedback on your team’s stats on any OS

To help you boost productivity of your team, Yaware.TimeTracker not only tracks the time and productivity but also automatically categorizes the apps and sites your team uses in 3 groups:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral
  • employee time and attendance software 2

    Make offline time productive

    Endless meetings? Breaks at different times? They can be easily optimized for productivity. Employee time and attendance software tracks not only online but also offline activities. Now you have a full picture of your team’s working day.

    Insightful real-time reports

    Want to analyze your team’s productivity in just 10 mins? With Yaware.TimeTracker you can. The stats are automatically updating every hour and reports are very easy to analyze. Check them out in your online account. Notifications via email or mobile will keep you posted.