Employee productivity

Find out how Yaware.TimeTracker helps to increase employee productivity

Track Employee Time Automatically

Time tracking allows both managers and employees find out where the time goes. Managers can use the tracking data to build better plans and undertake actions that would help employees work more efficiently. Employees in order get a chance to improve their personal productivity and achieve greater results.

Increase the Productivity of Remote and Virtual Teams

Because Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based tool you can easily check the productivity of remote offices and virtual teams as if you worked in the same office. By analyzing their time you can track the progress of the projects/tasks and see if they need any help for higher performance.

Analyze Insightful Visual Reports

Plain numbers might be difficult to understand and take longer to evaluate employee productivity. That’s why Yaware.TimeTracker uses simple diagrams and color coding to make the analysis faster and more efficient.

Estimate the Productivity of Employees Regardless the Schedule and Shift

No matter how many employees there are in your company and the variety of schedules and shifts, you still can measure their productivity at ease. Yaware.TimeTracker allows to customize the monitoring settings and collects the information about employees’ work automatically.

Benefit the way Yaware.TimeTracker Tracks Employee Productivity

Assessing employee productivity requires an individual approach, which is provided by Yaware.TimeTracker.

The system uses the simple, yet efficient principle to evaluate the efficiency of employees’ work at the computer. It divides all websites and applications that employee uses during the day into:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral
Employee productivity

Eliminate the Productivity Falls

Yaware.TimeTracker helps to determine the time when employees are most and least productive. Knowing when the productivity falls/rises happen you can find the reason for them and smooth out the the performance of the company.

Set individual settings

Different departments use different websites and apps, right? Take that into account when assessing employee productivity. Set the productivity status of apps and websites according to the responsibilities of each department.

Arrange the Working Process Better According to the Time Employees Spend Offline

Find out how much time employees spend on breaks, phone calls, meetings and trainings. Use the reports to decide if the work schedule could be planned more efficiently taking into account that productivity naturally fluctuates during the day. Develop a schedule that would help employees to be at the top of their productivity.

Employee productivity

Analyze Webcam and Desktop Shots

This feature is extremely useful for companies who have remote offices or work with freelancers. Webcam shots allow to see who works at the workplace and ensure its safety. Desktop shots in order allow to precisely measure employee productivity.

Measure and Increase Employee Productivity On The Go

Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to manage on the distance. Access your personal account from any computer or check the progress of employees by using an iOS/Android app.

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