Employee Management Software

Check how you can make employee time management easier and more efficient using Yaware.TimeTracker

Track and manage employee time and attendance easier

Time and attendance management is vital for any business, so it should be accurate and efficient. Use Yaware.TimeTracker to track time and attendance automatically, and so eliminate entry errors, make time tracking fair and invisible.

Find out what employees do away from the computer

The time that employees spend working away from the computer is an important part of the workflow. Use Yaware.TimeTracker to find out what employees do during their offline activities. Track the duration and frequency of meeting, negotiations, lunch breaks, etc. to decide how you can optimize the workflow.

Check the dynamic of employee productivity to take right actions

Yaware.TimeTracker builds dynamics of the working time of the company, each specific department, and company overall. Check it to see how the amount of productive and unproductive time changes. Are there are big jumps in productivity? Find the possible reasons for that and eliminate them.

Manage time and productivity of both in-house and remote employees

Yaware.TimeTracker is a cloud-based solution so that you can monitor the work of both in-house and remote employees. All you have to do to get started is enter the email of employees you want to monitor into a simple form and send them an invitation email. The installation takes a couple of seconds, and you will start receiving the fist data in 15 minutes after installation.

How does employee management software help productivity?

Except for just tracking time and attendance, using Yaware.TimeTracker you get a chance to assess employee productivity.

Which resources do employees use during the day and how they influence their productivity?
Yaware.TimeTracker will tell you that. The software divides all websites that employees visit and apps that they use into three categories:

  • productive (work-related);
  • unproductive (distracting);
  • neutral (less work-related or uncategorised).

So, you can monitor employees’ working process and help them achieve greater results by navigating their work in the right direction.

employee management software

Customize the settings to make the data, even more accurate

The employees in your company use different tools, so their productivity will also differ. You can customize the productivity status of apps and software according to the job that employee does. This way you can measure employee productivity more accurately.

Use visual data to assess the productivity of employees’ work

Yaware.TimeTracker can make screenshots and webcam shots if necessary. This feature is great if you cooperate with contractors. You can monitor the work of remote employees, see if and when the working process goes the wrong way and make timely corrections to avert the mistakes.

Powerful reporting that helps you manage employees better

Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with all necessary reports so you can evaluate the performance of your employees and company in general.

The reports are complete and easy to understand. All data is presented in colorful blocks, so you can quickly assess employee productivity.

Yaware.TimeTracker provides you with:

  • dashboard (summary of company’s performance);
  • timesheet (single timesheet for the whole company);
  • activities summary (frequently used applications grouped by productivity);
  • by time (the ratio between productive, unproductive and neutral time).

And there many other reports that allow you to dig deep into company's performance.

employee management software

Check the reports at any time

Download the application for your smartphone or tablet and check the reports on-the-go. Or log into your account from any computer to check how your employees are doing while you’re away.

Track and manage regardless the OS

Yaware.TimeTracker is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. So, it doesn’t matter if you use one or several operating systems within the company, you and your employees will stay on track of time.