Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Find out how employee computer monitoring can increase overall and personal productivity

Get accurate data only

Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic solution that tracks employee time at the computer automatically. No need to press the start and stop button. You get accurate data on employees’ time at the computer and away from it. 

Monitor on all OS’s

After the data is collected, the productivity tracker generates the reports that give a full value overview of employees time and productivity status. You can check the performance of a specific employee, the whole department or compare the productivity of departments.

Analyze everything using one tool

You can use Yaware.TimeTracker to track time and productivity of your remote teams. This way you ensure the high quality of their work and give them a tool, that helps to manage time better and increase personal productivity

Organise and delegate

A productivity tracker is a powerful tool that enables both employees and their managers increase productivity. On one side employees decide how they can increase personal productivity, which gives them freedom. And managers can decide what the company could do to enhance overall performance.

See how employees spend time on the Internet

Internet can become a productivity-draining hole if it’s not controlled.

The database of Yaware.TimeTracker contains more than 15 000 websites and applications divided into categories (like communication, games, office, etc.). Each category is assigned a productivity status by default.

So, while the employee is working at the computer, the time tracking software divides all used resources into:

  • productive,
  • unproductive
  • neutral.

You can easily see how much time employee spent on a certain website and how it affected his/her productivity

internet monitoring

Create individual settings

The departments in your company use different websites and applications, as well as they have different responsibilities. Yaware.TimeTracker allows to adjust the productivity status of an app/website according to employee’s position to increase the accuracy of data.

Increase workplace productivity

Each employee can view the personal statistic and increase his/her workplace productivity. The report contains a simple chart that depicts employee productivity and has a list of used apps and websites, used during the day, as well as the total time of their use. This way employees can easily detect which applications or websites consume their time, but have no value for the work.

Analyze and then take actions

Yaware.TimeTracker builds ratings of productive and unproductive employees according to the amount of time they spend productively or unproductively. Use that report to see who your top performers are and who lags behind.


Award of the employees who are already productive and help the rest increase their efficiency. Maybe the job they do does not reveal their talent completely. Find out the reason for their low productivity and turn them into the best employees of your company.

Analyze and take actions

See how employees spend time offline

Except for tracking time at the computer, Yaware.TimeTracker allows to find out what employees are occupied with when they are away from the workplace. This way you can see how often your company has meetings, that they are about and how long they last. Maybe it does make sense to cut down the number of meetings you arrange.

Manage on-the-go

Are you often out of office, but want to stay updates on the performance of your employees? Yaware.TimeTracker enables you to do that. You can either log into your account through a browser or download an app for your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).