Yaware.TimeTracker vs Replicon

What Is Replicon?

Replicon is a cloud-based time tracking tool that helps companies increase productivity of their employees through insight of their time. It is divided into six different applications: TimeBill, TimeOff, TimeCost, TimeAttend, WebExpense and WebSchedule.

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker is a web-based software aimed to increase productivity, reduce costs, streamline payroll calculations and improve time management. The application offers admirable features and all of them are united within a single product Yaware.TimeTracker.

How to Implement Replicon?

The implementation of Replicon consists of 6 steps: (1) define the project management needs for the app; (2) configure and integrate; (3) train how to use it; (4) acceptance test of the service; (5) deployment phase; (6) review of predefined success criteria.

How to Implement Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker can be installed by choosing one of the following ways: (1) send installation link by email; (2) download and install Yaware-client; (3) installation through network setup. Each way of installation is simple, and does not require technical skills.

Ease of Use

Yaware.TimeTracker is one of the simplest softwares to use. It tracks time automatically, and does not require any additional actions from employees, like clicking start and stop button..

Replicon is recording work time through time punching. Employees have to punch in when they start working, and punch out when they stop working. Punches can be recorded using:

  • The Replicon web application
  • Replicon CloudClock
  • Replicon Mobile app, or
  • Custom apps you’ve created using Replicon services

Hidden Mode

Unlike Replicon, Yaware.TimeTracker can be installed in hidden mode (it means that employees are not aware of monitoring). It allows to get the most accurate and objective data of the workday.

Capturing Time of Offline Activities

Yaware.TimeTracker records the duration of absence and requests an employee to describe the offline activity (whether it was a meeting, phone call, lunch break, etc.). Replicon does not have this feature.

Automatic Productivity Analyzis

In contrast to Replicon, Yaware.TimeTracker records used resources along with the exact time spent on them. In addition, the tool categorizes visited websites and used applications into three groups: productive (essential resources to execute work tasks); neutral (unknown or less related to work resources), unproductive (resources that distract employees from work).

How many resources are automatically categorized by Yaware.TimeTracker?

Yaware.TimeTracker has more than 15k resources in its database. However, you can easily add new ones, if needed, or change the productivity status of existing sites and apps.

Collected data is generated into reports, so you can rank employees by their productivity, view how much time is worked productively and how much was wasted, etc.

Enhancing Productivity on Individual Level

Unlike Replicon, Yaware.TimeTracker empowers each employee, giving him access to personal statistics with productivity status. This option encourages employees to boost own productivity.

Improving Overall Efficiency

The accurate data represented in reports (Yaware.TimeTracker’s feature) allows to manage time more efficiently. For, example, detect if the meetings take too much time, and minimize their duration, if needed.