Time Tracking Program

Check out the reasons to start using time tracking program from Yaware

Automatic time recording = no hassle

Time tracking should save the time of your company and not consume it. Because Yaware.TimeTracker records the working time automatically employees don’t have to press start/stop button. That means they stay concentrated on work and you get accurate picture of their productivity.

Analyze the offline time of your company

Except for the time-eaters online, there are also time-eaters offline. Use Yaware.TimeTracker to see how much time employees spend on meetings, lunch breaks, phone calls, etc. Get a full picture of how the staff uses their working hours and see what could be reduced or improved.

Measure and increase employee productivity

There is nothing more important than increasing employee productivity. That is why Yaware.TimeTracker automatically evaluates how productively employees use their working time, giving you the opportunity to analyze and improve their performance. See why employees don’t reach the full potential and eliminate the barriers to higher efficiency.

Track time across any platform

Yaware.TimeTracker is a universal time tracking program that allows to monitor employees’ work regardless the operating system that powers their computers. In addition, you can view the reports from your smartphone or tablet. Just download the application for Android/ iOS and check the statistics on the go.

Improve workflow of each unit of your company

With time tracking not only you increase the productivity of employees, but you also improve the efficiency of unit managers, HR-managers, and accountants.

Yaware.TimeTracker provides each of them with insights that matter for their work.
This way, HR-managers get a tool that tracks time and attendance automatically and frees up time for other activities. Accountants can spend less time calculating payroll, because they already got the information they need, and unit managers get to know the workflow of their team better.

So, one tool – three ways of workflow improvement.

time tracking program

Give each employee opportunity to shine

Time tracking program shows the excellent work of employees, so get a chance to shine and get fairly rewarded. Yaware.TimeTracker builds that ratings of most and least productive employees. So, you know exactly who deserves a reward and who needs a little help to becoming more efficient.

Encourage workplace productivity increase

Not only you can improve the efficiency of employees’ work, but so can they. Yaware.TimeTracker provides each employee with a statistic where they can see the amount of productive, unproductive and neutral time giving them data to decide on what distracts them and how they can become more productive and focused.

Stay connected with your remote offices and freelancers

Yaware.TimeTracker helps you stay connected with your remote offices and remote employees, giving you some major opportunities:

  • effortless time and attendance tracking at remote office/s.
  • measuring and increasing productivity.
  • the ability to keep track of freelancer’s work and make timely changes to it.
  • accurate data about the working time and productivity of your freelance employee/s, and so, accurate wage calculation.

Regardless the distance, you stay updated and informed.

time tracking program

Use the visual data for better insight

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you can enable screenshot and webcam snapshot feature. It is very useful both if you have remote and office employees. Thus, screenshots help you track the progress of freelancer’s work, and webcam shots allow to see if all employees work at their workplaces.

Create custom settings to your and employees’ benefit

Do some of your employees have a flexible schedule or the freelancer you work with lives in a different time zone? No problems, because Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to customize the settings according to your needs. Dedicate some of your time to making your unique settings, and later it will pay you back with no hassle and accurate data.