Time and attendance software

Learn how Yaware can improve attendance in your company

Measure work time accurately

Improve attendance and see when the working day starts and ends in your company. Yaware time and attendance software automatically records its duration. No manual data entry is required – the software activates the moment a work computer is turned on.

Foster punctuality

Improve overall attendance, eliminate late arrivals and encourage staff to follow corporate procedures. Spare your managers the need to see when everyone came in – Yaware time and attendance software can do it instead. Let your staff see that the process is objective – now it’s your team who are in charge of organizing their work time in ways that maintain productivity at its best while being flexible.

Real-time data on presence/absence

Motivate your employees to respect organizational rules. Analyze the real-time data on presence at the workplace provided to you by Yaware time and attendance software. Foster responsibility by letting your staff see how important it is to track all work processes as precise numbers on your teams productivity is crucial for setting up achievable goals.

What about breaks, meetings and lunches?

Define how much time is spent on various breaks and how the process could be organized more smoothly. Analyze reports and decide if the work schedule might be planned more effectively remembering that productivity naturally fluctuates throughout the day. Find out what schedule could be the most productive for your company.

Relevant reports at your fingertips

Reports generated by Yaware time and attendance software give a great overview of an entire working day: total worked time, attendance and the ratio of productive/unproductive/neutral time.

Check out the most informative reports regarding attendance:

  • Report “By time”
  • Report “Latecomers”
  • Report “Left Before Time”
Time and attendance software

Minimize overload and overtime

Help your team avoid overloads and burnouts to stay productive and active day by day. Analyze reports generated by Yaware time and attendance software to see who works late hours and find out why it happens quickly. Help your team make balanced daily plans and assign realistic deadlines to all tasks so that they can remain healthy, happy and inspired.

Screenshots and snapshots

Check how your team carry on with their daily tasks and how the office looks like by viewing screenshots and webcam snapshots taken by Yaware time and attendance software. You can specify whichever frequency you need (the minimal value is 3 minutes) and this feature is completely optional.

Categorize apps and websites

See how much time different apps and websites consume. Are they contributing to overall productivity? If not, plan your work time differently to stimulate higher performance.


Manage categories in ways best for your business

Yaware time and attendance software defines all resources employees use at work as productive, unproductive or neutral. Over 15,000 resources are already categorized for you, so you don’t have to do it on your own.

Remembering that jobs and work schedules vary within a company, we’ve made sure you can manage them as you think best for your team. That’s why you can define and change productivity statuses of all resources yourself anytime.

Attendance tracker-2

Choose your monitoring mode

Specify the monitoring mode you’d like to use: either hidden or open. Use the hidden one to receive the most objective data. Use the open mode to motivate your team for better performance and to foster transparency within your company.

Analyze reports in just a few minutes

All data is organised into comprehensible formats – charts and diagrams – so that you won’t be spending more than 10 minutes each day on analyzing it. While you can view the reports online, you can also set up email and cell phone notifications. Define the frequency of reports (daily, weekly or monthly) to get fresh data on productivity as often as you need.