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Employee Time Tracking

Automatic Employee Time Tracking

Do you want to find out how the working day of your employees goes? What do your employees really do? Yaware.Online will provide you with information on the following items:

  • exact timing of the beginning and the end of an employee’s working day;
  • employee’s late arrivals as well as job abandonment;
  • reasons for absence;
  • amount of total working hours.
Employee Time Tracking
Track employee time and productivity

Internet and Software Monitoring and Productivity Analysis

Yaware.Online recognizes more than 15 000 resources that are divided into three categories depending on their productivity status:

  • “Productive” category, which includes apps that the employee needs for his work;
  • “Neutral” category, which involves apps that are not required for the job but can be used for some reason;
  • “Unproductive” category, which includes apps that reduce efficiency (social networks, messengers, games, etc.).

Yaware.Online tracks all programs or websites used by the employee and defines to which category they belong. Please note that one website can have different productivity status for different departments (for example, Skype is productive for a sales manager and unproductive for IT- specialist.)

Offline Activities Tracking

This option enables you to check presence and absence of employees at their workplace during their working day. Are they performing other tasks or wasting their time on non-productive activities?

Yaware.Online records duration of absence and requests the employee to specify the explanation. What employees most often indicate usually includes reasons such as phone calls, a meeting, a break, or personal reasons.

Yaware.Online also allows employees commenting idle activities. Each employee can briefly describe the reason of absence or even write a report.

Track employee non computer time
Screenshots and Snapshots

Screenshots and Snapshots

Do you want to control the whole process while working on a project? It can be done easily with Yaware.Online.

For instance, take screenshots and snapshots. Be aware of all tasks your employees are currently working on and tools they are using for it. Apply this feature in order to be confident in your staff.

This option will be equally useful for remote offices and freelancers’ monitoring. It guarantees you a correct distribution of your money, meaning that you only pay for a quick and high-quality results.

Control of Discipline Violations

Check who violates discipline and for what reason:

  • Late Arrivals.
    The report shows the time of an actual start of a working day by an employee as compared with the official beginning of the working day. You can figure out the exact number of violations and violators.
  • Early leavings.
    The report shows the time when employee actually ends his working day as compared with official ending of the working day. It provides a list of employees who leave the workplace earlier than they ought to.
Track employee discipline
Receive Notification by Email or Cell Phone

Receive Notification on Your Email or Cell Phone

Track employee time and productivity wherever you are! Use Yaware.Online at home, on a business trip or during a vacation.

Yaware.Online makes it possible to:

  • supervise the workflow and check updated information online;
  • set the schedule of notifications (every day / week / month);
  • analyze statistics on your mobile devices using the app for iOS or Android.

Organize Employees into Departments and Assign Group Managers

This feature is especially useful if you employ a big team divided into many departments. It enables you to control remote offices in other cities by managing your team personally or by delegating authority to the others.

With Yaware.Online you can:

  • unify employees in accordance with departments in which they work;
  • appoint the head of each department and access the data on a performance of a certain group.
Employee time tracking by departments
Individual Settings for Employee time tracking

Individual Settings for a Specific Employee or Department

Be sure that you evaluate your employees by their achievements. Designer and IT- specialist can not be rated equally due to different responsibilities. For example, Photoshop is a design tool constantly used by designer but almost never needed by IT-specialist, so there’s no need for the latter to use it.

Set individual options for a separate employee or department:

  • specify the timetable (flexible or fixed);
  • adjust the productivity of software and internet use;
  • take screenshots and snapshots;
  • specify the idle activities: meetings, negotiations, phone calls, etc.

Different Access Levels

Give more or less data to heads of departments, HR-managers, system administrators and accountants. They can benefit greatly:

  • heads of departments can analyze employees’ productivity, identify the best employees, monitor violations and assess the dynamics of growth;
  • head of the branch office can supervise the work directly;
  • HR-manager can estimate the productivity of new employees, control attendance and overall performance;
  • system administrator can configure the system according to specific requirements;
  • accountant gets access to the “Payment” section.
Different Access Levels
Employee self time tracking

Unique Opportunity for Employees to Analyze Personal Statistics

Encourage employees to boost their own productivity. Let them check results from their computers.

Yaware.Online provides staff with the following information:

  • total amount of working hours and productivity rankings;
  • periods when performance increases and reduces
  • a list of the most frequently used programs and websites.

Hidden and Open Mode

Keep a record of workflow in hidden or visible mode. Select the necessary mode during the system installation. You can always shift from one mode to another.

For example, you can test the service in the hidden mode. After that, you can make Yaware.Online visible to the employee. This mode also provides employees with an access to their personal statistics. Thus, they can analyze their statistics and evaluate performance on their own.

Hidden and visible mode