christmas-1081732_1280It is that wonderful time of the year again – winter holidays! Have you already decided on this years’ decorations and presents?
We have!
And we have a great offer of what you can get for your company and employees! Find out all the details of our Winter Holidays offer in the end of this post.
But first things first: how was this year for us and what’s your part in it?
In 2015 we released four new products: Yaware.Mobile, Yaware.Attendance, Yaware.Video and Yaware.Dashboard. Each of them is aimed at increasing the productivity of your businesses.
We also released a completely new look of Yaware.TimeTracker making it more sleek and user-friendly.
We had an opportunity to work with amazing people like Gary C. Bizzo, Melinda Emerson, Daniel Burrus and Alice J, who shared their experience with us, and we in order shared it with you!
We wrote 5 eBooks and more than 200 articles.

This year has been amazing for us, and your part in it is huge because all we do is for you – our customers.

So, to thank you we prepared a Winter Holidays Special Offer. Learn more about it by clicking the button below.

Learn more about the offer

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