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Yaware.TimeTracker automatically collects information about employees' activities on a computer and shows what tasks they spend their working time on

Screenshots And Webcam Snapshots

Screenshots And Webcam Snapshots

Fixation of what is happening on the screen and the workplace at a given frequency

Absenteeism & Tardiness Tracking

Absenteeism & Tardiness Tracking

Time, number and frequency of tardiness by employee and/or department

Analysis productivity

Productivity Analysis

Categorizing programs and sites into productive/neutral/non-productive categories

Hidden mode

Hidden Mode

Hidden installation of the program or explicit, open monitoring of employees' work



Employees can see current work statistics and analysis of their past productivity

Offline activity

Offline Activity Tracking

Accounting for time away from the computer: meetings, breaks, calls

Productivity software for the Enterprise

Enterprise-ready time tracking for remote and office teams

Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise

Yaware.TimeTracker Enterprise provides better security

  • All SAAS-version features
  • Works on your own local server
  • Full data isolation
  • Your own security standarts

30 million hours. That’s 3424 years

Time our clients have tracked.

Yaware apps are now used by over 35000 customers around the world

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Yaware.TimeTracker provides me with objective measures that I can use to monitor productivity and guide my developers to improve their performance. Great service and easy to use.
Peter Conrad
Peter Conrad Collateral Recovery Solutions
As a designer, Yaware.TimeTracker has really helped me personally become more productive. I know exactly where my time goes and how I can improve my day to day. Thoroughly recommended.
Geoff Biskupek
Geoff Biskupek Geneva Digital

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Review reports on smartphones & tablets

yaware display

Desktop agent for Windows, iOS, Linux

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Productivity Growth
  • Work easily with projects and tasks
  • Increase productivity of your employees
Per employee per month with annual subscription. $9.99 per employee with monthly subscription
Productivity Analysis
  • Automaticaly tracking time spent on the computer
  • Best for medium size teams with remote employees
Per employee per month with annual subscription. $7.99 per employee with monthly subscription
Automated Timesheets
  • For simple time tracking on the computer
  • Best for small teams and personal use
Per employee per month with annual subscription. $3.99 per employee with monthly subscription

* Additional local taxes can be charged depending on your region and local laws

Our program complies with security standards and can run on popular operating systems

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We follow industry security standards to secure the personal
information we are provided with.

– Security encryption
– Login and password protection

– Firewalls
– Data is stored on TIER III servers

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