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Yaware.Online Installation

You can install Yaware.Online on employees’ computers choosing suitable method. 


Send installation link by email

This method lets you install Yaware.Online remotely, for example if your employees work in different offices, cities and even countries. You send an employee an email with a download link, short instruction and links to FAQ, blog and other useful recourses.
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Yaware.Online Network Setup

Yaware-agent can be installed inside the local network by an employee who’s got network administrator rights. Network Setup Utility can be downloaded from user account or sent to system administrator by email.
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Download and Install Yaware.Online agent

One application can be installed on multiple computers. You can download and save it on flesh drive or network folder and install on every user computer that should be monitored.
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Order free installation service

We will be glad to help you install Yaware.Online in your company for free.  We perform installation through remote access technology (Team Viewer).
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