Time and attendance software

Time and attendance software for your growing business

Easy to setup

Go through a simple registration process, download and install the client. It’s that fast and simple.

Integrate with anything

Yaware time and attendance software integrates seamlessly with our product suite of 16 products or via our API.

Track time and attendance

Receive accurate time and attendance data to decide on what can be done to improve the overall productivity of your company.

Save money

All processes are run in cloud which means that you don’t have to spend money on additional hardware, its installation and technical service.

Benefit from a centralized time and attendance software

Have all your time and attendance needs in one place with Yaware time and attendance software. With Yaware you can:

  • Foster punctuality: reduce the number of late arrivals and early departures;
  • Monitor the compliance with company attendance, internet and software policy;
  • Receive accurate time and attendance data faster.

Increase job performance

Increase the job performance of your team and encourage them to work smarter, not harder.

Control overtime and flexitime

Control the overtime and flexitime in a breeze. Perfect for your company, remote offices or freelancers.

A healthy employee is a productive employee

A healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive employee.

Use Yaware time and attendance software to control overtime and workload. By having accurate information in sight, you can decide on what exactly has to be done to remain a high productivity level.

Find out which employees stay after hours and what they do, determine the workload level of each employee, and redistribute if necessary to prevent burnouts.

Redistribute workloads

Is your team overloaded? Are there not enough resources or do they require further training? Find out with the help of Yaware time and attendance software.

Prevent job burnouts

Burnouts are very dangerous for productivity. They are the result of prolonged stress and overload. Using the time and attendance software data, you can find out which employees regularly go overtime and why.

Enterprise productivity at a fraction of the price
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