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  1. Increase employee productivity. Use Yaware.Online to estimate how effectively your employees use working time. Only having a clear idea of ​​how your employees spend working time, you can increase the productivity of your team. Use Yaware.Online to make sure how much more productively your team can work and how much money it will save you.
  2. Keep track of employee attendance. Yaware.Online is a cost effective solution for  keeping track of employees attendance. You can track start/end of the working day, the breaks, total hours worked without additional  personnel or equipment costs.
  3. Automate time tracking process. With Yaware.Online you do not need to input any data, the information is collected automatically accordingly to the schedule you set. Automatic tracking will save you a lot of times and reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime).
  4. Manage remote employees. With Yaware.Online you can control an unlimited number of employees from anywhere in the world using your Yaware.Online account. Your can easily track the personnel of your branch offices as well as work-at-home staff or other remote employees.
  5. Supervise the work of freelancers and contractors. If your company employs third-party employees, freelancers, there is a particular problem with control. It’s not always clear how much time has already been spent on work and how much work is already done. With Yaware.Online you can easily track the working process and control project terms.
  6. Create flexible working environment. It is proven that the employees who work flexi-hours are much more productive. With Yaware.Online your employees can work more flexible hours, working whenever and wherever they want.
  7. Use Yaware.Online for motivation. Yaware is very suitable for maintaining good discipline among the employees; it encourages them to manage their time effectively. But do not forget about the motivation. In combination with other tools Yaware.Online allows you to determine most productive employees, department, branch office. The effect of Yaware.Online will be much better if employees are personally interested in the result.