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1. Sign up

Please sign up to start using Yaware.Online.

Fill in a short form with your name, email, phone and password. After that, your account is created and you can login.

Install Yaware.Online

2. Install Yaware.Online

Now you can download Yaware-client and install it on all computers in your company.

!Before you start, go to the Settings and choose the right mode of Yaware.Online: open or hidden.

Choose the most convenient way of installation:

  • download Yaware-client on a flash drive and install it on each computer;
  • send the download link to employees by email;
  • let system administrator install Yaware.Online via network setup.
Group staff by departments

3. Group Staff by Departments

Create Groups in accordance with departments and add employees to appropriate groups.
Assign Managers and give them access to the data on a performance of a certain group.

Specify settings for employee monitoring

4. Specify Settings for Employee Monitoring

1. Set the monitoring schedule (specific time or round-the-clock).
2. Adjust the productivity of various programs and websites (depending on employee’s responsibilities).
3. Turn on optional features if necessary:

  • offline activity – employees can define the reasons for their absence at the workplace;
  • screenshots and snapshots.
Set up email reports

5. Set up Email Reports

You are able to analyze the data online in your account and receive notifications on your email.

Specify how often you want to receive email notifications: certain days / every day / week / month.

Reports will show you:

  • total amount of working hours and productivity rankings;
  • periods when performance increases and decreases;
  • a list of the programs and websites most frequently used by employees.

You might also download the free mobile app for Android or iPhone. Analyze the information wherever you are.

Analyze the data

6. Analyze the Data

You have successfully completed all steps of Yaware.Online installation.

Now you can easily measure employee productivity, check working hours, identify violations and control remote employees.