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I do time management to improve the efficiency of my work. Your system allowed me to monitor the productivity of spent time automatically. Surprisingly, it  was a motivator to not be distracted by a third party, unplanned events. In particular, control the time spent on social networks. Meanwhile, I`m using the system for myself, but I`m planning to introduce it to the... Read more »
Vladislav Smaznov, Deputy of Director
October 24, 2014,
We decided to install Yaware.Online, as we saw that employees became less productive. A significant period of time has been spent on social networks. With service Yaware.Online we managed to completely eradicate this temptation. As a result, the productivity of employees started to increase.  ... Read more »
Anton Zryashchew, Director
August 29, 2014,
I started using time tracking in my company to make sure employees were working hours billed. Yaware.Online provided me the objective measures that I can use to monitor productivity and guide my developers to improve their performance. I think it is a very good service. I chose Yaware.Online among other services because it is really ease to use.... Read more »
Peter Conrad, Collateral recovery solutions
July 17, 2014,
I think Yaware.Online is a mature solution and I like the fact that clients are available for all the OS platforms used by my contractors. Also I like the level of control over the functionality of installed clients which include snapshots timing, and other properties.... Read more »
Mohamed Ali , SEO at
March 5, 2014,
I was pleasantly surprised by Yaware.Online. It is good that the program is flexible and customizable to each employee and department. It’s a great tool to work with a team of people sitting in different offices, especially in a critical situation, when you got to have a clear understanding of the employees` productivity.... Read more »
Dmytro Bondar, Founder of FastForward company
March 10, 2013,
Yaware.Online helped to solve following problems: – We publish (and create) computer games. Our company has a lot of creative people who are not accustomed to a rigid 9 to 6 schedule. Yaware.Online helps to track employe`s work, even if he/she has an individual schedule. – A lot of the work in the company is executed by teams. It is... Read more »
Timur Tulyaganov, System Administrator
January 2, 2013,
We`ve been already using Yaware.Online for more than a year. With Yaware.Online we were able to achieve a significant increase in productivity, employee motivation, excellent working atmosphere and discipline while preserving a flexible schedule, democratic leadership style and friendly staff. Yaware.Online shows absolutely objective assessment of the work of each employee. It is nice to see that employees are competing... Read more »
Tatyana Vysochanskaya, Head of the Marketing Department
November 5, 2012,