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Version history

  • Version updates January 19, 2015


    1. Updates of offline activity monitoring option

    • added a hint to every offline activity;
    • added a possibility to make commenting required/optional;
    • added ability to enlarge the buttons in the form of offline activity.

    2. Other improvements

  • Version updates November 12, 2014


    • Added a report “Working late hours” (shows which employees stay at the office after hours);
    • Updates of the report “By employee” (a time summary is added);
    • Other improvements in the service`s operation.
  • Yaware.Online Client Updates November 3, 2014

    Windows Client

    An error of saving the last activity is corrected.

  • Yaware.Online Client Updates October 27, 2014

    Yaware Mac OS

    1. Periods’ management in Yaware.Online is improved.
    2. The algorithm of taking screenshots is changed (the quality of capturing is improved).
    3. Saved settings of Yaware.Online (for example, language, proxy) are transferred into a database (settings will remain saved after restarting the computer).
  • Yaware.Online client updates October 9, 2014

    Client Linux

    • Automatic language switch depending on the user’s operating system.
    • Offline-form appears on the active monitor (for users who work on multiple monitors).
    • Added support of Beta and Unstable versions of Chrome.
    • Fixed a bug related to the change of user`s name.
    • Webcam drivers has been updated.
  • Yaware.Online client updates October 6, 2014

    Windows Client (

    • Determining the status of a client process;
    • Automatic startup of services that are necessary for proper operation of the client during the installation;
    • Fixed a bug with “Stop monitoring” option;
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect loading of the configuration file.
  • Version updates October 1, 2014


    • Added a hierarchy of groups (allows to display in the internal structure of the company);
    • Added a report “By group” (contains statistics of certain department`s performance).
  • Version updates September 4, 2014

    Web Service:

    • Сhanged the way payment methods are displayed. Now new clients see the list sorted by the popularity of payment methods. For others the list begins with the last method used.
    • Optimized integration with project management software. If Yaware can not connect to Jira server during 3 days the integration is suspended automatically.
    • Redesigned applications search filter in “Screenshots” report.
    • Redesigned Phone field in the signup form.
  • Yaware.Online client updates August 29, 2014

    Linux Client (

    • Fixed a bug with transition on statistic.
    • Fixed a bug with monitoring the user root on Ubuntu.
  • Yaware.Online client updates August 19, 2014

    Mac OS X Yaware (

    • Fixed a bug occurred to screenshot transmission.

    Windows Client (

    • Optimized Yaware Client work with the memory;
    • Fixed a bug in Yaware Diagnostic Tool work;
    • Optimized screenshots creation.