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Version history

  • Yaware.Online client updates August 19, 2014

    Mac OS X Yaware (

    • Fixed a bug occurred to screenshot transmission.

    Windows Client (

    • Optimized Yaware Client work with the memory;
    • Fixed a bug in Yaware Diagnostic Tool work;
    • Optimized screenshots creation.
  • Version updates August 1, 2014
    • Added reports: “Rating of productive employees” and “Rating of unproductive employees” (the number of productive and unproductive hours).
    • Added report “Rating by absence at the computer” (the time of absence at the computer without offline activity).
    • Added time synchronization in the groups. It allows to synchronize the beginning of the working day of departments working on a different schedule (remote offices, time zones, etc.).
    • Added app ​​filter in the “Screenshots” section. It allows to search screenshots by the name of used apps.
    • Added “Account history” (information about all changes in the account).
    • Speeded up the process of user registration and page loading.
  • Yaware.Online client updates July 1, 2014

    Windows Client (

    • Fixed bugs in the idle activities tracking.

    Linux Client (

    • Fixed bugs in the tracking of Google Chrome and Chromium 35.


  • Version updates June 24, 2014

    Web client:

    • Displayed user pictures in the client.
    • Added possibility to load pictures from the ActiveDirectory.
    • Added possibility to upload pictures from the webcam.
    • Fixed minor bugs in the client.
  • Version updates June 5, 2014

    Web service:

    • Added “Timesheets” (contain data about worked time and the amount of days off per month).
    • Added possibility to upload pictures to the employee account (displayed on all reports near first and last name).
    • Added email reports for employees.
    • Improved settings page form (settings are grouped by subject)
    • Grouped reports ( violations, activities, dynamics)
    • Added a field in the registration form for partners ” Form of cooperation”.
  • Version updates April 23, 2014

    Web service:

    • Emphasized overtimes with a different color.
    • Added a productivity chart in the context of the working hours.
    • Added an option to record offline activity before turning on the computer.
    • Fixed minor bugs in the web service.
  • Version updates March 27, 2014

    Web service:

    • Added a report “Left before time” (employees who left work earlier).
    • Improved the form for categorizing unknown resources.
    • Added a possibility to specify a time of the start and end of the working day.
  • Version updates March 21, 2014

    Web service:

    • Changed a form of creating group managers.

    Windows Client (

    • Added support to a browser CoolNovo.

    Linux Yaware.Online Client (

    • Added an automatic installation of browser extensions for Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox.
    • Updated an extension for Google Chrome to version 1.5 (added support for a new browser).
  • Version updates February 19, 2014

    Web service:

    • Added a report by idle activities ( ratio, duration, comments ).
    • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Version updates January 30, 2014

    Web service:

    • Added hints to menu.
    • Added a possibility to set up data storage period separately from screenshots and snapshots.
    • Changed a form of the “Daily Activity ” report. Thus data uploads faster and it is better to analyze it.

    Windows Client (

    • Updated OpenSSL to a latest version – 1.0.0.
    • Yaware.Online supports Maxthon browser now.
    • Fixed errors in determining browser when clicking on the “Statistics” button.
    • Yaware.Online supports latest version of Google Chrome without any extensions.