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Affiliates & Partners

Dear Colleagues, Thank you for the interest in Yaware.Online.

We are glad to offer a wide range of benefits, training and rewards to ensure our mutual success. Let`s work together and find the best way to increase profitability!

If you are the:

  • » IT specialist who advises or sets up software to the customers,
  • » Company, which is engaged in automation and improvement of business processes in any business,
  • » Author of the blog or thematic resource which has followers interested in the IT industry, technologies and business,

join Yaware.Online affiliate program!

If you develop IT products similar to Yaware.Online, we are glad to suggest you co-promotion.

How much can you earn?

We offer sales compensation to our partners from 10 to 60%

What form of partnership will suit you?

Induvidal partner

Recommend Yaware.Online to your customers and business partners and get a stable income.

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If you work in IT consulting or corporate network services, this type of partnership is the best choice. Everything you need is to use your business contacts. The knowledge of customer needs will help to recommend a quality solution, get gratitude and partnership reward. So, if you have decided to become an Individual partner, submit a request on the website. After that, the affiliate link will appear in your account. Ask us for a 10% discount to encourage your customers.


Spread the information about Yaware.Online. Post reviews, articles or place a banner on your website/blog with an affiliate link and get a reward from each customer payment.

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Do you have a blog or website related to the management, productivity, business development? Post information about Yaware.Online and get a stable income. The combination of article and banner or series of articles works perfectly. You can also use your account in social media to attract potential customers. If you are interested in this form of partnership, submit a request on the website. After that, all banners and buttons in various formats\sizes will appear in your account. All of them already contain the referral link. So, why not to start earning money right now?


Is your company engaged in a system integration, consulting, IT services, software sales? If yes, offer more to your customers! Yaware.Online can complement the package of your services to sell and support joint solutions.

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This type of partnership includes an active promotion using your sales managers, consultants, Call-center employees. Certainly, you will get our support:

  • webinars help to understand Yaware.Online capabilities;
  • consultations on a successful sale of Yaware.Online;
  • documentation (presentations, mailing texts, etc.).

If you are interested in this form of partnership, submit a request on the website. We will contact you in 24 business hours to discuss all details.

Regional partner

Sell Yaware.Online in a defined region or state. It is an excellent opportunity to be the first one in a new market. You can also become an Exclusive partner. It means that you will lead all sales in the area and receive a commission for every purchase. Contact us to discuss all details.

National Partner

Sell Yaware.Online in a particular country or group of countries. Get a certain number of sales and become an Exclusive partner. It means that you will lead all sales in the country and receive a commission for every purchase. Contact us to discuss all details.

Marketing partner

We are glad to cooperate with companies working in b2b. Let`s unite the opportunities in promotion of our products!

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The mutual promotion includes:

  • cross-mailing;
  • partner offers at websites and social networks;
  • webinars;

Do you have any other ideas? Do not wait! Let’s discuss them as soon as possible.

Technology partner

We want to offer integration of the companies involved in development and implementation of IT solutions that can improve business performance.

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“We want to develop the best software and provide the best customer service. We hope to increase performance of large and small business”. If your goal sounds the same, welcome to our team. We are always ready to find a common theme for development and promotion. Share your ideas! Together we can create something unusual, new and useful.

The Benefits of Yaware.Online Partnership Program

  • Get a reward from each purchase and complement the package of your services.
  • Explore the learning opportunities for you professionally and for your business. Ask for trainings (webinars) for the sales managers to help your company successfully grow and compete.
  • Suggest your own way to increase the number of customers.
  • Ask for consultations anytime and find the optimal method of renewing cooperation.

If you still do not know what type of cooperation suits you, we will help you to choose the best option. Sign up and we will contact you in 24 working hours. Thus, you can ask all your questions and discuss the capabilities.