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Yaware is a web-based employee time and productivity tracking tool. It provides powerful time usage and employee productivity analytics. It's a completely automated tool, that is easy to set up and requires no maintenance or additional hardware. Yaware perfectly suits the teams with remote employees.

Full Description

Yaware is a web-based employee time and productivity tracking tool providing an automatic collection of data and convenient real-time reports about employee time usage and productivity.
Yaware is a perfect solution to control the key indicators of team work from anywhere in the world. It helps you track employees' presence at work, analyze their time usage and productivity in one click. Yaware is widely used by business owners and managers to control the work of employees mainly working at the computers.
Yaware helps to analyze productive and unproductive time ratio in a company, control employees remotely or control remote employees, define the most distracting programs and websites, define and encourage the most productive employees, analyze productivity trends of  a company on the whole and its departments separately.  According to our research, Yaware helps to increase productive time ratio by at least 10%.

Executive Team

Ruslan Savchyshyn, CEO & Founder 
Oleg Cherevatyy, Founder & Project Manager

Media Contact

For any media questions please contact:
Olya Berestetska
contact [at]

Quick Facts

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Headquarters: Ternopil, Ukraine
In Business Since: 2010
Number of Customers: growing fast
Target Market: large corporations, medium and small companies, freelancers, individuals
Status: Privately held

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